Faqir, if you love your master, abandon your self, this world, and people, except for the one whose state lifts you up and whose words guide you to Allah. Watch out! be careful that you are not deluded by one of them who you think guides to Allah while he only guides to his own passion.

The wali of Allah-ta’ala Sayyidi Abu’sh-Shita al-Khammar, may Allah profit us by him, said, “By Allah, we only say, ‘Sayyidi’ to the one who breaks our fetters.” Faqir, it is not hidden from you that which what imprisons man in this world — which is the world of impurities — and leaves him a prisoner in it, is only illusion. If he were to banish it, then he would travel to the world of purity from which he came. Allah returns every exile to his homeland. Peace