O hypocrite, this business will not fall into your hand through your hypocrisy and artificiality! You see your cunningness, you see your acceptance by the hearts of people but you do not see what lies in front of you! You are sinister to yourself, in this world and in the hereafter, and to those whom you teach and order to follow you.

You are a dissimulator, an imposter and a swindler with respect to the possessions of people. No doubt, you will not have a prayer answered nor a place in the hearts of the truthful. Allah has knowingly led you astray. You will see when the dust has cleared, whether a horse is beneath you or a donkey.

When the dust has cleared, you will see the men of the True One (‘Azza waJall) riding horses and thoroughbreds, while you are on a broken donkey behind them and demons and devils will grasp you. The people of Allah attain to the state of offering no prayer of supplication and making no request.

They do not ask for benefits to be brought or disadvantages to be dispelled. Their supplication will come to be at the command of their hearts, sometimes for themselves and sometimes for creatures, so they utter the prayer of supplication while unconscious of what they are doing.

O Allah, grant us ultimate politeness with You under all circumstances and give us in this world good and in the hereafter good protect us from the torment of the Fire!

Source: Jila’ al-khatir