The dawning of inner light helps make for us destiny’s weight light. This is because illumination, when it appears glowing from within, reveals the intimate closeness of the true One to the bearer of difficult decrees.

Such illumination reveals that these decrees have come from the true One directly, Knowledge that such decrees hace come from the Lord gives a person consolation and provides a way to patiently bear such decrees. Have you not listened to the Divine Speech when God spoke to the Prophet, saying Patiently hold firm under the decree of your Lord, for surely you are under the observance of our gaze. 

This means that there is no source engendering decrees other than God, for which you should become anxious; rather, each decree that you experience if from your Lord, each is established on the firm foundation of God’s wholesome care for your needs. I present a couplet that expresses the same point:

You have lightened what burdens I toil to bear

For you’re the one who tries me and knows if I’m able.

There is no one to alter God’s decision,

Of improving God’s provision no one is capable

To grasp this reality, imagine that you are standing in a darkened room. Someone else in the room clobbers you with a powerful blow and you reel, not knowing who has struck you. However, when a light begins to illumine the room, you see clearly who has struck you.

If it turns to be your venerated teacher, your respected father or your mighty ruler, then you clearly perceive the need to bear such a blow with patience. Illuminating knowledge effortlessly evoke such patient endurance.

Book of Illumination – Ibn Ata’Allah al-Iskandari