Our masters, may Allah preserve their existence! told us that they always set aside a moment for Allah alone without any portion for anything else, whether it was night or in the daytime. They would recite the word of Allah in it, or do dhikr of “La ilaha illallah” or the divine name alone, or pray as much as Allah willed, or do the prayers on the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

By Allah, if you do as i have told you, Allah will give you an opening which He has not yet opened to you. It will be greater than the one which you have. His overflowing favour will appear on you as it has appeared on your like among the people of knowledge and others. Do not be content with the outward knowledge that you have. Seek inward knowledge as you seek outward knowledge. Use means to acquire both of them. May Allah give you success!

Be among the people of hearts and limbs. Do not be among people of limbs alone. “Allah does not look at your forms or your bodies. He looks at your hearts” as has come in tradition. It says in the Book of Allah, “The eyes are not blind, but the hearts which are in the breasts are blind.”

It also says, “Hearts which do not understand,” and other things. Beware of putting most of your energy in action as the speaker said:”Today there are only people of the outward. As for the people of the inward, that is a community that has passed away.” Many of the people of knowledge, may Allah be pleased with them, were quite explicit about this. By Allah the matter is not what they have. It is the opposite of what they have.

The eyes may reject the light of the sun because of opthalmia,
And the mouth may reject the taste of water because of illness.

By Allah, my friend,according to the statements of Shaykh Abu’l-‘Abbas, Sayyidi Ahmad Zarruq and others, Allah has bestowed inward knowledge and great opening on a large number of the people of knowledge and others. Whoever wants to realize what is true and what is false should expel the love of this world from his heart and should not be pleased with himself because luminosity is strengthened by leaving this world.

Certainty is strengthened by strengthening luminosity. When certainty is strengthened, himma rises above created beings. When himma rises above created beings, the Maker of being is reached. Reaching him is reaching knowledge of Him. This is our belief and we will believe it until we meet our Lord. We do not believe other than it because whoever belongs to Allah, Allah is his. Whoever has Allah, how can he be lacking in good and baraka? This is impossible.

By Allah, we tell you: set aside a time for Allah without any portion for anything else because the one who gives his entire attention to Allah always has lights and secrets. Whoever has lights and secrets, has election. Whoever has election recognizes the true from the false. Recognition of the truth from the false is a sublime rank. This is different from the one who has no election, and has commonality. He only sees what the common see.

I think that Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq said, “When a man blocks off the people of instruction before he recognizes them and before Allah has given him an opening as He has given them, he will only have an opening at the end of his lifetime
and he will only live a short time after the opening. The one who lives for many years after the opening is not like the one who dies shortly after it.”

We could say that the one who enters the land and lives in it until he knows its common, and its elite, and what it contains is not like the one who enters it in the morning and leaves it in the evening.