By Shaykh Shoayb Ahmad
Released by http://www.marifah.net 1428 H

‘Allāmah  Shaykh Shukrī ibn Ahmad al-Lahfī is a renowned faqīh, a teacher of qira’āt, a linguist, a  calligrapher, and  a  poet.  He  is also the  leader  of the  Shādhilī tarīqa in Damascus, Syria, after the  passing  of  Shaykh  Mustafā  al-Turkmānī   ,  the  Khalīfa  of Shaykh ‘Abdul Ra mān al-Shaghūrī  .

Shaykh Shukrī was born in Damascus, Syria in 1920 CE (1338 H). He began memorizing the  Qur’ān  when  he  was about  nine  years old  in  the  city of Aleppo.  The  Shaykh punctually attended  the  lessons  conducted by the ‘Ulemā’  and he also studied at the Faculty of Sharī‘ah. Some of his teachers were:

•    Shaykh ‘Abdul Hamīd Kaywān
•    Shaykh ‘Abdul Qādir al-Arbīnī
•    Shaykh Yūsuf Abū Dhayl

He served as a teacher in primary schools in Aleppo, Dāra and Damascus and was even the principal of one of the schools in Damascus.

He is also proficient in Persian.  Shaykh Shukrī organized courses for memorizing the Qur’ān for both male and female teachers, and they benefited greatly from him. Many  more  had  memorized  the  Qur’ān  under  his guidance and supervision.

In  1966  CE  (1385  H)  he began  preparing  his  book  titled Tu fat al-‘Asr fī ‘Ilm al-Qira’āt  al-Mutawātirat  al-Ashr.  In  the  book  he  mentioned  the  ten  Qurrā’  and  their  respective  narrators and the variations in the recitations.

Shaykh  Shukrī  advised  anyone  who  wished  to  memorize  the  Qur’ān  to  repeat  the intended portion before going to bed, and to read it again after awaking. The person ought to try and  set  aside  a  portion  to  be  read  daily,  or  he  may  otherwise  recite  it  with other people.

May Allāh protect him and may Allāh bless him in both the worlds.

source: http://marifah.net/articles/shukri-sahmed.pdf